Truckwise can accommodate your commercial needs with rentals that range from light-duty trucks to tractors.

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Need to move heavy equipment and supplies? We can help with that. Offering a wide range of pickup rentals for all kinds of commercial purposes, UAE driving provides excellent-quality and cost-effective service that can be customized to suit your needs.


Do you need a van while in Dubai? A van is a vehicle used for transporting goods or many people. Depending on the type of van you want to rent in Dubai, a van can be bigger or smaller than a truck or SUV, and basically, a van is larger than a car.


Our state of the art Warehousing facility is located at the logistics hub of the world, Dubai.Equipped with the latest in cutting- edge technology, our warehouse facility is perfectly suited to cater to the evolving requirements of your business.

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“Whether your back-to-work plans have you returning to familiar surroundings or moving to an entirely new location, Truckwise has a truck equipped to meet your moving needs.”