The academy provides a comprehensive training in the following areas


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It's an academy specialized in the field of training on the best skills of housekeeping, cleaning, child’s care, rising the competence of managing and organizing the palaces, convention halls and wedding parties and many other hotel and domestic services.


Housekeeping &

The affiliates receive a specialized course in the arts and skills of housekeeping which suits the modernity, and always we seek to enable trainees to possess the highest skills and experience in this field through a program that covers all aspects related to preparing the worker to take up his duties within the domestic services, including the highest levels of hygiene, discipline, and other standards.


Dealing With Children & Infants & Caring For Them

The academy gives its members a comprehensive training based on the scientific foundations about how to deal with children and infants, meet their needs, and deal with them in all circumstances in a proper manner that ensures the psychological and health of the child.


Training On Etiquette Principles

Understanding the rules of etiquette has become a very important issue to be in the line of modernity, development and sophistication. therefore, the academy provides a comprehensive training which covers all aspects required by the field to master the rules and foundations of the serving sectors



The academy enables trainees to master the culinary arts at high levels that covers all food tastes and gives the trainee full sufficiency in how to handle the kitchenware and manage it with high professionalism.


Managing & Organizing Palaces & Convention Halls

The academy provides the service of management and organization of palaces and convention halls and guest houses with the highest levels of experience, responsibility and professionalism. and the management occurs through weekly visits to the palace or to train the domestic workers and provide them with a schedule of tasks.


Training & Teaching Children On Cooking & Etiquette Rules

The academy offers a course dedicated to the children that includes all skills of cooking and its arts and gives them the necessary knowledge in this field within the determinants of the personal safety of the child and taking into account the age level of the child, as well as gives them the opportunity to practice on the rules of etiquette.


Organizing Weddings, Parties, Birthdays & Graduation Ceremonies

Due to the large gatherings witnessed by important events such as weddings, parties, birthdays and graduation ceremonies, the management of these gatherings becomes a task requires high skills to ensure smooth interaction. Royal skills academy provides the service of organizing weddings, parties, graduation parties and birthdays with high professionalism and accurate details.


Training & Rehabilitation Of Hotel Workers, Restaurants, Homes, Schools & All Service Sectors

It is known that hotel service and work within restaurants and others requires a high style and levels of standards that related to the clients taste and cleanliness, therefore the academy provides a professional training that qualifies workers to possess these standards, efficiency and skills properly takes into account different cultures.